One thing you must know to win scholarships

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I remember back in 2015, after feeling sad each time I received a rejection email, I always reviewed my essays and sought ways to improve them for the next application. Don’t just submit the same essay over and over, please edit and improve it, and send it to someone to critically review.

It is very important to have the right mindset if you would like to win a scholarship, especially a fully-funded one. One thing you must know is: Don’t expect quick results and don’t focus on the rejection emails.

I know you want a scholarship as soon as possible, but it is important you see the rejections as a learning phase and do not give up. I am yet to see anyone who received a fully-funded scholarship the first time they applied, everyone’s story started with rejection emails. So you need to make up your mind to keep applying to various scholarships, improving yourself and your essays till you hit the jackpot. Trust me, you wouldn’t remember all the stress you went through when you eventually get that one email with ‘Congratulations you have been selected!’

This is just to let you know that rejection emails are normal and expected, however, they shouldn’t make you give up.

I hope this helps, please share this post with someone who needs the motivation.

Next week I will upload a guideline on how to write an outstanding personal statement.

See you then.

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