How to write the perfect Personal Statement

Your personal statement should tell a compelling story of how your academic, professional, and life experiences have made you qualified for the course. It should also address why you chose that school and how the experience and acquired knowledge would help you achieve your career goals. This should be a well-structured essay of about 500 words, please see below for guidance:

First paragraph: State the course you are applying for and why you want to study it, show your enthusiasm for why you want to gain more knowledge in this field. Let your introduction hook the reader to keep going. To achieve this, you can use descriptive words to create a picture in your reader’s mind as this can make them feel connected to your writing.

Second paragraph: Talk about your academic background and how it set the foundation for your proposed course of study. Showcase your research skills by mentioning your dissertation, what research method you used, what skills you acquired. If your Bachelors degree is not connected in any way to the course you want to study, then mention courses or certificates you have taken that have given you basic knowledge of your proposed course. Mention relevant educational awards and achievements.

Third paragraph: Discuss your relevant work experience, as well as any volunteer/community work you have done. What knowledge and skills have you gained from them? Relate them to your proposed course of study and career goal. Mention relevant awards and achievements.

Fourth paragraph: Why do you want to study at that university? Don’t just say because it is a top-ranked university blah blah… Please be more specific, what is unique about their curriculum? Is there a Prof. or Dr. who has similar research interests you want to work with? What knowledge and skills will you gain? How will this contribute to achieving your career goals?

Final paragraph: Conclude with a summary of the main points from each paragraph, and a compelling reason why the admissions committee should be interested in you.

Important tip: Proofread and ensure someone critically reviews your essay and gives you feedback, you can contact me for this paid service.

I hope this helps, please share this post with someone who needs it.

See you next week!

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