How to choose the right course for your Masters

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Most scholarships require that you secure an admission first, so I’m often asked this question by applicants – “How do I choose a course to study for my Masters degree?”

Firstly – Ask yourself WHY you want a Masters degree. Is it to change your career? Or to progress in your career? Personally, I did a Masters degree to change career and it worked out well in the end. Ask yourself what are your interests? What global or national issues will you contribute to its solution through the knowledge you gain from your Masters? Please make sure you can answer these questions because they will give you a sense of direction; don’t just do a Masters degree because others are doing it.

Secondly – Do your Research. Now that you have narrowed down your options on what to study, next step is to research online and find universities that offer those courses. Check out the department and course content and be certain it aligns with your career goals. Look out for the admission requirements and ensure you are eligible to apply. Also search for scholarships to cover the cost.

If you need to get a research supervisor, then read about the Professors and Doctors in that department (their info is usually available on the department’s website). Go through their research articles and find ways your knowledge and experience relate to their work and interests. Gathering these details will help you make an informed decision on what course to study for your Masters degree.

I hope this helps, in my next post I will address – How to email research supervisors. Cheers!

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