How to Apply for Commonwealth Shared Scholarship 2021

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One thing you must avoid when applying for scholarships is waiting till the last minute before you start. We are all busy with various activities and it is so easy to procrastinate, thinking we have enough time left. Please do not fall into this trap! Starting the application process early would give you enough time to review your essays and also ensure you have accurately filled the application. Now let’s jump right into the aim of this post!

Commonwealth scholarship is one of the prestigious scholarships in the United Kingdom with applicants from over 25 countries. It is fully funded and covers all your expenses, you are literally paid monthly to study (how cool is that?). If you have decided to apply for Commonwealth Shared Scholarship but not 100% sure how to go about it then keep reading because this post is for you (I was once in your shoes).

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Step 1: Read through the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship website by clicking here. This is the home page where you can access information to the Eligibility, Terms & Conditions, Selection Process, How to Apply, Eligible Universities/Courses and other enquiries. Please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria before starting your application.

Step 2: There are specific universities and courses in the UK that are eligible for this scholarship, click this link to view the list. You need to apply for admission in addition to applying for the scholarship. You are advised to apply to more than one university/course as there are no restrictions on the number of applications you can submit (put your eggs in different baskets). Please know that some of the participating universities could have their own rules, additional application forms for the scholarship and deadlines so ensure you check the websites and contact list of the universities by clicking here.

Step 3: You can apply for admission through the online platform of the university on their website. Here is a checklist of important documents required for admission application:

  • Degree certificate
  • Academic transcript
  • Recommendation letters (You can read my post on how to get great recommendation letters by clicking here).
  • Proof of English proficiency, the required document depends on the university (IELTS or WAEC result).
  • Academic CV (If you need an idea on what a good academic CV entails, read my post by clicking here).
  • Personal Statement (I have a post to help you with this as well, click here).

Follow up with your chosen universities via email to ensure you get your admissions on time.

Step 4: Fill the online application form for the scholarship, it can be accessed by clicking here. Remember, some universities could have an additional application form, check their website using the contact list I posted in Step 2. If you need a step by step guide on how to write outstanding essays for your application, I created a YouTube video where I discussed tips for each of the essay questions, click here to view it. Also, I have a question and answer video session of FAQs, you can watch it by clicking here.

Step 5: Your essays play a significant role in determining if you would be selected for this scholarship so ensure you get some help in reviewing all your essays, right from personal statement to scholarship essays. If you would like a critical review of your essays and a constructive feed back from me, you can contact me by clicking here. And you can read some testimonials to keep you motivated by clicking here.

I hope this post would help to make the process less complicated for you, do share with someone who might need it.

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